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On the Field of Kulicovo

On the Field of Kulicovo - Aleksandr Blok

 The river stretched. It flows, idly grieves, 
And washes both banks. 
In steppe, above light clay of cliffs 
Rinks mourn in ranks. 

O Russia! Dear wife! With clearness and pain 
We see the lengthy way! 
It sent an arrow of ancient Tartar reign - 
In breast it lay. 

The way through steppes and an incessant plight, 
Through your, o Russia, lot! 
And alien dark and dark of night 
I fear not. 

Let be the night. We'll ride and light in gloom 
Camp-fires late. 
The holy flag will flash in fume, 
And Khan's steel blade ... 

And endless battle! We only dream of peace 
Through blood and dust ... 
The mare of steppes flies on and flees, 
And tramples the grass ... 

There's no end! The miles and cliffs flash past 
Stop crazy flood! 
The frightened clouds go fast, 
Sun sets in blood! 

Sun sets in blood! Blood streams from heart away! 
O cry, my heart ... 
There's no peace! Through steppe the bay 
Prolongs the flight!