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The Four Winds

The Four Winds - Aleister Crowley

 The South wind said to the palms: 
My lovers sing me psalms; 
But are they as warm as those 
That Laylah's lover knows? 

The North wind said to the firs: 
I have my worshippers; 
But are they as keen as hers? 

The East wind said to the cedars: 
My friends are no seceders; 
But is their faith to me 
As firm as his faith must be? 

The West wind said to the yews: 
My children are pure as dews; 
But what of her lover's muse? 

So to spite the summer weather 
The four winds howled together. 

But a great Voice from above 
Cried: What do you know of love? 

Do you think all nature worth 
The littlest life upon earth?

I made the germ and the ant, 
The tiger and elephant. 

In the least of these there is more 
Than your elemental war. 

And the lovers whom ye slight 
Are precious in my sight. 

Peace to your mischief-brewing! 
I love to watch their wooing. 

Of all this Laylah heard 
Never a word. 

She lay beneath the trees 
With her lover at her knees. 

He sang of God above 
And of love. 

She lay at his side 
Well satisfied, 

And at set of sun 
They were one. 

Before they slept her pure smile curled; 
"God bless all lovers in the World!" 

And so say I the self-same word; 
Nor doubt God heard.