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Phallus - Alec Derwent Hope

 This was the gods' god, 
The leashed divinity, 
Divine divining rod 
And Me within the me. 

By mindlight tower and tree 
Its shadow on the ground 
Throw, and in darkness she 
Whose weapon is her wound 

Fends off the knife, the sword, 
The Tiger and the Snake; 
It stalks the virgin's bed 
And bites her wide awake. 

Her Bab-el-Mandeb waits 
Her Red Sea gate of tears: 
The blood-sponge god dilates, 
His rigid pomp appears; 

Sets in the toothless mouth 
A tongue of prophecy. 
It speaks in naked Truth 
Indifference for me 

Love, a romantic slime 
That lubricates his way 
Against the stream of Time. 
And though I win the day 

His garrisons deep down 
Ignore my victory, 
Abandon this doomed town, 
Crawl through a sewer and flee. 

A certain triumph, of course, 
Bribes me with brief joy: 
Stiffly my Wooden Horse 
Receive into your Troy.