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Sonnet - 16

Sonnet I6 - Alan Seeger

 Amid the florid multitude her face 
Was like the full moon seen behind the lace 
Of orchard boughs where clouded blossoms part 
When Spring shines in the world and in the heart. 
As the full-moon-beams to the ferny floor 
Of summer woods through flower and foliage pour, 
So to my being's innermost recess 
Flooded the light of so much loveliness; 
She held as in a vase of priceless ware 
The wine that over arid ways and bare 
My youth was the pathetic thirsting for, 
And where she moved the veil of Nature grew 
Diaphanous and that radiance mantled through 
Which, when I see, I tremble and adore.