लाइब्रेरी में जोड़ें

My Story

Upon the cloudy night he did come,
The Slender-Man hunts for his prey.
Alone, a walker roams the forest he does,
and within seconds, gone they are away.

The detectives they hunt for clues of the events
of what did partake that night.
Though nothing could be found at the scene of the crime,
there had been nothing left in clear sight.

So lo’, a thinker believes he knows
what did happen that fateful night.
He explains “It was the Slender-Man!
and to kill it, on him you must shine a light!”

So a brave soul he was, he went for a walk,
in the same forest before the set of the sun.
And what he saw there in the grueling shadows
made him turn around and run.

For deep in the dark, the Slender-Man feeds
on the poor people that his takes.
Blood and gore drops to the ground
as the muscles and bones they break.

The man runs from end to end,
though unfortunately, it seems he is lost.
He will be the next meal of Slender-Man
as he crumbles down in exhaust.

He awakes the next morning to the sound of birds
as it seems he has survived till now.
But Slender-Man, he never sleeps
and nobody knows quite how.

Away walks the man, in search of an exit,
though none he finds that day.
For Slender-Man had other plans for him,
so dost’, he took him away.

Do not fret the Slender-Man
as he hunts for certain prey.
Though if you believe his existence is fake,
chances are you will not again see the light of day.